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Monday, June 5, 2017

Bible Readings for June 4, 2017

Today our passages are 2 Samuel 22:21–23:23; Acts 2:1-47; Psalm 122:1-9; and Proverbs 16:19-20. The readings are from the Contemporary English VersionIf you find these readings helpful, please consider sending an offering directly to Cove Presbyterian Church, 3404 Main Street, Weirton, West Virginia or through PayPal by using the link below.

2 Samuel 22:21-23:23 (Contemporary English Version)

21You are good to me, LORD,
   because I do right,
   and you reward me
   because I am innocent.
    22I do what you want
   and never turn to do evil.
    23I keep your laws in mind
   and never turn away
   from your teachings.
    24I obey you completely
   and guard against sin.
    25You have been good to me
   because I do right;
   you have rewarded me
   for being innocent
   by your standards.
    26You are always loyal
   to your loyal people,
   and you are faithful
   to the faithful.
    27With all who are sincere
   you are sincere,
   but you treat the unfaithful
   as their deeds deserve.
    28You rescue the humble,
   but you look for ways
   to put down the proud.
    29Our LORD and God,
   you are my lamp.
   You turn darkness to light.
    30You help me defeat armies
   and capture cities.
    31Your way is perfect, LORD,
   and your word is correct.
   You are a shield for those
   who run to you for help.
    32You alone are God!
   Only you are a mighty rock. [a] 33You are my strong fortress,
   and you set me free.
    34You make my feet run as fast
   as those of a deer,
   and you help me stand
   on the mountains.
    35You teach my hands to fight
   and my arms to use
   a bow of bronze.
    36You alone are my shield,
   and by coming to help me,
   you have made me famous.
    37You clear the way for me,
   and now I won't stumble.
    38I kept chasing my enemies
   until I caught them
   and destroyed them.
    39I destroyed them!
   I stuck my sword
   through my enemies,
   and they were crushed
   under my feet.
    40You helped me win victories
   and forced my attackers
   to fall victim to me.
    41You made my enemies run,
   and I killed them.
    42They cried out for help,
   but no one saved them;
   they called out to you,
   but there was no answer.
    43I ground them to dust,
   and I squashed them
   like mud in the streets.
    44You rescued me
   from my stubborn people
   and made me the leader
   of foreign nations,
   who are now my slaves.
    45They obey and come crawling.
    46They have lost all courage
   and from their fortresses
   they come trembling.
    47You are the living LORD!
   I will praise you!
   You are a mighty rock. [b] I will honor you
   for keeping me safe.
    48You took revenge for me,
   and you put nations
   in my power.
    49You protected me
   from violent enemies,
   and you made me much greater
   than all of them.
    50I will praise you, LORD,
   and I will honor you
   among the nations.
    51You give glorious victories
   to your chosen king.
   Your faithful love for David
   and for his descendants
   will never end.

2 Samuel 23

David's Last Words
 1These are the last words    of David the son of Jesse.
   The God of Jacob chose David
   and made him a great king.
   The Mighty God of Israel
   loved him. [c] When God told him to speak,
   David said:
    2The Spirit of the LORD
   has told me what to say.
    3Our Mighty Rock, [d] the God of Jacob, told me,
   "A ruler who obeys God
   and does right
    4is like the sunrise
   on a cloudless day,
   or like rain that sparkles
   on the grass." [e] 5I have ruled this way,
   and God will never break
   his promise to me.
   God's promise is complete
   and unchanging;
   he will always help me
   and give me what I hope for.
    6But evil people are pulled up
   like thornbushes.
   They are not dug up by hand,
    7but with a sharp spear
   and are burned on the spot.
The Three Warriors
(1 Chronicles 11.10-19)
 8These are the names of David's warriors:    Ishbosheth [f] the son of Hachmon [g] was the leader of the Three Warriors. [h] In one battle, he killed eight hundred men with his spear. [i] 9The next one of the Three Warriors was Eleazar the son of Dodo the Ahohite. One time when the Philistines were at war with Israel, he and David dared the Philistines to fight them. Every one of the Israelite soldiers turned and ran, 10except Eleazar. He killed Philistines until his hand was cramped, and he couldn't let go of his sword. When Eleazar finished, all the Israelite troops had to do was come back and take the enemies' weapons and armor. The LORD gave Israel a great victory that day.
    11Next was Shammah the son of Agee the Hararite. One time the Philistines brought their army together to destroy a crop of peas growing in a field near Lehi. The rest of Israel's soldiers ran away from the Philistines, 12but Shammah stood in the middle of the field and killed the Philistines. The crops were saved, and the LORD gave Israel a great victory.
    13One year at harvest time, the Three Warriors [j] went to meet David at Adullam Cave. [k] The Philistine army had set up camp in Rephaim Valley 14and had taken over Bethlehem. David was in his fortress, 15and he was very thirsty. He said, "I wish I had a drink from the well by the gate at Bethlehem." 16The Three Warriors [l] sneaked into the Philistine camp and got some water from the well near Bethlehem's gate. But after they brought the water back to David, he refused to drink it. Instead, he poured it out as a sacrifice 17and said to the LORD, "I can't drink this water! It's like the blood of these men who risked their lives to get it for me." The Three Warriors did these brave deeds.
The Thirty Warriors
(1 Chronicles 11.20-47)
 18Joab's brother Abishai was the leader of the Thirty Warriors, [m] and in one battle he killed three hundred men with his spear. He was as famous as the Three Warriors 19and certainly just as famous as the rest of the Thirty Warriors. He was the commander of the Thirty Warriors, but he still did not become one of the Three Warriors. 20Benaiah the son of Jehoiada was a brave man from Kabzeel who did some amazing things. He killed two of Moab's best fighters, [n] and on a snowy day he went down into a pit and killed a lion. 21Another time, he killed an Egyptian, as big as a giant. [o] The Egyptian was armed with a spear, but Benaiah only had a club. Benaiah grabbed the spear from the Egyptian and killed him with it. 22-23Benaiah did these things. He never became one of the Three Warriors, but he was just as famous as they were and certainly just as famous as the rest of the Thirty Warriors. David made him the leader of his bodyguard.
  1. 2 Samuel 22:32 mighty rock: See the note at 22.2.
  2. 2 Samuel 22:47 mighty rock: See the note at 22.2.
  3. 2 Samuel 23:1 The Mighty. . . him: Or "He wrote Israel's favorite songs."
  4. 2 Samuel 23:3 Mighty Rock: See the note at 22.2.
  5. 2 Samuel 23:4 sparkles. . . grass: Or "makes the grass grow."
  6. 2 Samuel 23:8 Ishbosheth: Hebrew "Josheb Bashebeth," which seems to be another spelling of Ishbosheth. See the note at 2.8, although this is a different Ishbosheth.
  7. 2 Samuel 23:8 the son of Hachmon: Or "the Tahchemonite" (see 1 Chronicles 11.11).
  8. 2 Samuel 23:8 the Three Warriors: The most honored group of warriors. They may have been part of the Thirty Warriors. "Three" and "thirty" are spelled almost the same in Hebrew, so there is some confusion in the manuscripts as to which group is being talked about in some places in the following lists.
  9. 2 Samuel 23:8 with. . . spear: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text (see 1 Chronicles 11.11).
  10. 2 Samuel 23:13 the Three Warriors: Or "three warriors." Hebrew "three of the thirty most important."
  11. 2 Samuel 23:13 Adullam Cave: This may have happened during the time that David was an outlaw (see 1 Samuel 22.1-6).
  12. 2 Samuel 23:16 the Three Warriors: Or "three warriors."
  13. 2 Samuel 23:18 the Thirty Warriors: The second most honored group of warriors. They may have also been officers in the army (see the note at 23.8).
  14. 2 Samuel 23:20 Moab's best fighters: Or "big lions in Moab;" one ancient translation "sons of Ariel from Moab."
  15. 2 Samuel 23:21 Egyptian. . . giant: First Chronicles 11.23; in this verse the Hebrew text has "good-looking Egyptian."

Acts 2:1-47 (Contemporary English Version)

Acts 2

The Coming of the Holy Spirit
 1On the day of Pentecost [a] all the Lord's followers were together in one place. 2Suddenly there was a noise from heaven like the sound of a mighty wind! It filled the house where they were meeting. 3Then they saw what looked like fiery tongues moving in all directions, and a tongue came and settled on each person there. 4The Holy Spirit took control of everyone, and they began speaking whatever languages the Spirit let them speak. 5Many religious Jews from every country in the world were living in Jerusalem. 6And when they heard this noise, a crowd gathered. But they were surprised, because they were hearing everything in their own languages. 7They were excited and amazed, and said:    Don't all these who are speaking come from Galilee? 8Then why do we hear them speaking our very own languages? 9Some of us are from Parthia, Media, and Elam. Others are from Mesopotamia, Judea, Cappadocia, Pontus, Asia, 10Phrygia, Pamphylia, Egypt, parts of Libya near Cyrene, Rome, 11Crete, and Arabia. Some of us were born Jews, and others of us have chosen to be Jews. Yet we all hear them using our own languages to tell the wonderful things God has done.
    12Everyone was excited and confused. Some of them even kept asking each other, "What does all this mean?"
    13Others made fun of the Lord's followers and said, "They are drunk."
Peter Speaks to the Crowd
 14Peter stood with the eleven apostles and spoke in a loud and clear voice to the crowd:    Friends and everyone else living in Jerusalem, listen carefully to what I have to say! 15You are wrong to think that these people are drunk. After all, it is only nine o'clock in the morning. 16But this is what God had the prophet Joel say,
    17"When the last days come,
   I will give my Spirit
   to everyone.
   Your sons and daughters
   will prophesy.
   Your young men
   will see visions,
   and your old men
   will have dreams.
    18In those days I will give
   my Spirit to my servants,
   both men and women,
   and they will prophesy.
    19I will work miracles
   in the sky above
   and wonders
   on the earth below.
   There will be blood and fire
   and clouds of smoke.
    20The sun will turn dark,
   and the moon
   will be as red as blood
   before the great
   and wonderful day
   of the Lord appears.
    21Then the Lord
   will save everyone
   who asks for his help."
    22Now, listen to what I have to say about Jesus from Nazareth. God proved that he sent Jesus to you by having him work miracles, wonders, and signs. All of you know this. 23God had already planned and decided that Jesus would be handed over to you. So you took him and had evil men put him to death on a cross. 24But God set him free from death and raised him to life. Death could not hold him in its power. 25What David said are really the words of Jesus,
   "I always see the Lord
   near me,
   and I will not be afraid
   with him at my right side.
    26Because of this,
   my heart will be glad,
   my words will be joyful,
   and I will live in hope.
    27The Lord won't leave me
   in the grave.
   I am his holy one,
   and he won't let
   my body decay.
    28He has shown me
   the path to life,
   and he makes me glad
   by being near me."
    29My friends, it is right for me to speak to you about our ancestor David. He died and was buried, and his tomb is still here. 30But David was a prophet, and he knew that God had made a promise he would not break. He had told David that someone from his own family would someday be king.
    31David knew this would happen, and so he told us that Christ would be raised to life. He said that God would not leave him in the grave or let his body decay. 32All of us can tell you that God has raised Jesus to life!
    33Jesus was taken up to sit at the right side [b] of God, and he was given the Holy Spirit, just as the Father had promised. Jesus is also the one who has given the Spirit to us, and that is what you are now seeing and hearing. 34David didn't go up to heaven. So he wasn't talking about himself when he said, "The Lord told my Lord to sit at his right side, 35until he made my Lord's enemies into a footstool for him." 36Everyone in Israel should then know for certain that God has made Jesus both Lord and Christ, even though you put him to death on a cross.
    37When the people heard this, they were very upset. They asked Peter and the other apostles, "Friends, what shall we do?"
    38Peter said, "Turn back to God! Be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, so that your sins will be forgiven. Then you will be given the Holy Spirit. 39This promise is for you and your children. It is for everyone our Lord God will choose, no matter where they live."
    40Peter told them many other things as well. Then he said, "I beg you to save yourselves from what will happen to all these evil people." 41On that day about three thousand believed his message and were baptized. 42They spent their time learning from the apostles, and they were like family to each other. They also broke bread [c] and prayed together.
Life among the Lord's Followers
 43Everyone was amazed by the many miracles and wonders that the apostles worked. 44All the Lord's followers often met together, and they shared everything they had. 45They would sell their property and possessions and give the money to whoever needed it. 46Day after day they met together in the temple. They broke bread [d] together in different homes and shared their food happily and freely, 47while praising God. Everyone liked them, and each day the Lord added to their group others who were being saved.
  1. Acts 2:1 Pentecost: A Jewish festival that came fifty days after Passover and celebrated the wheat harvest. Jews later celebrated Pentecost as the time when they were given the Law of Moses.
  2. Acts 2:33 right side: The place of honor and power.
  3. Acts 2:42 broke bread: They ate together and celebrated the Lord's Supper.
  4. Acts 2:46 The time of prayer: Many of the Jewish people prayed in their homes at regular times each day (see Daniel

Psalm 122:1-9 (Contemporary English Version)

Psalm 122

(A song by David for worship.)
A Song of Praise
 1It made me glad    to hear them say,
   "Let's go to the house
   of the LORD!"
    2Jerusalem, we are standing
   inside your gates.
    3Jerusalem, what a strong
   and beautiful city you are!
    4Every tribe of the LORD
   obeys him
   and comes to you
   to praise his name.
    5David's royal throne is here
   where justice rules.
    6Jerusalem, we pray
   that you will have peace,
   and that all will go well
   for those who love you.
    7May there be peace
   inside your city walls
   and in your palaces.
    8Because of my friends
   and my relatives,
   I will pray for peace.
    9And because of the house
   of the LORD our God,
   I will work for your good.

Proverbs 16:19-20 (Contemporary English Version)

19You are better off
   to be humble and poor
   than to get rich
   from what you take by force.
    20If you know what you're doing, [a] you will prosper.
   God blesses everyone
   who trusts him.
  1. Proverbs 16:20 know what. . . doing: Or " do what you're taught."

Verse of the Day
“Your power is great, and your glory is seen everywhere in heaven and on earth. You are king of the entire world,” - 1 Chronicles 29:11
Today's passage is from the Contemporary English Version.  

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