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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Bible Readings for October 8, 2015

Today our passages are Jeremiah 10:1–11:23; Colossians 3:18–4:18; Psalm 78:56-72; and Proverbs 24:28-29. The readings are from the Contemporary English VersionIf you find these readings helpful, please consider sending an offering directly to Cove Presbyterian Church, 3404 Main Street, Weirton, West Virginia or through PayPal. 

Jeremiah 10-11:23 (Contemporary English Version)

Jeremiah 10

The LORD Talks about Idols
 1The LORD said:    Listen to me,
   you people of Israel.
    2Don't follow the customs
   of those nations
   who become frightened
   when they see
   something strange
   happen in the sky.
    3Their religion is worthless!
   They chop down a tree,
   carve the wood into an idol,
    4cover it with silver and gold,
   and then nail it down
   so it won't fall over.
    5An idol is no better
   than a scarecrow.
   It can't speak,
   and it has to be carried,
   because it can't walk.
   Why worship an idol
   that can't help or harm you?
Jeremiah Praises the LORD
 6Our LORD, great and powerful,    you alone are God.
    7You are King of the nations.
   Everyone should worship you.
   No human anywhere on earth
   is wiser than you.
    8Idols are worthless,
   and anyone who worships them
   is a fool!
    9Idols are made by humans.
   A carver shapes the wood.
   A metalworker hammers out
   a covering
   of gold from Uphaz
   or of silver from Tarshish.
   Then the idol is dressed
   in blue and purple clothes.
    10You, LORD, are the only true
   and living God.
   You will rule for all time.
   When you are angry
   the earth shakes,
   and nations are destroyed.
    11You told me to say
   that idols did not create
   the heavens and the earth,
   and that you, the LORD,
   will destroy every idol.
    12With your wisdom and power
   you created the earth
   and spread out the heavens.
    13The waters in the heavens roar
   at your command.
   You make clouds appear--
   you send the winds
   from your storehouse
   and make lightning flash
   in the rain.
    14People who make idols
   are so stupid!
   They will be disappointed,
   because their false gods
   are not alive.
    15Idols are merely a joke,
   and when the time is right,
   they will be destroyed.
    16But you, Israel's God,
   created all things,
   and you chose Israel
   to be your very own.
   Your name is the LORD
Judah Will Be Thrown from Its Land
 17I said to the people of Judah,    "Gather your things;
   you are surrounded.
    18The LORD said these troubles
   will lead to your capture,
   and he will throw you
   from this land
   like a rock from a sling." [a] 19The people answered,
   "We are wounded
   and doomed to die.
   Why did we say
   we could stand the pain?
    20Our homes are destroyed;
   our children are dead.
   No one is left
   to help us find shelter."
    21But I told them,
   "Our leaders were stupid failures,
   because they refused
   to listen to the LORD.
   And so we've been scattered
   like sheep.
    22"Sounds of destruction
   rumble from the north
   like distant thunder.
   Soon our towns will be ruins
   where jackals [b] live."
Jeremiah Prays
 23I know, LORD, that we humans    are not in control
   of our own lives.
    24Correct me, as I deserve,
   but not in your anger,
   or I will be dead.
    25Our enemies refuse
   to admit that you are God
   or to worship you.
   They have wiped out our people
   and left our nation
   lying in ruins.
   So get angry
   and sweep them away!

Jeremiah 11

Judah Has Broken the LORD's Agreement
 1-3The LORD God told me to say to the people of Judah and Jerusalem:    I, the LORD, am warning you that I will put a curse on anyone who doesn't keep the agreement I made with Israel. So pay attention to what it says. 4My commands haven't changed since I brought your ancestors out of Egypt, a nation that seemed like a blazing furnace where iron ore is melted. I told your ancestors that if they obeyed my commands, I would be their God, and they would be my people. 5Then I did what I had promised and gave them this wonderful land, where you now live.
   "Yes, LORD," I replied, "that's true."
    6Then the LORD told me to say to everyone on the streets of Jerusalem and in the towns of Judah:
   Pay attention to the commands in my agreement with you. 7Ever since I brought your ancestors out of Egypt, I have been telling your people to obey me. But you and your ancestors 8have always been stubborn. You have refused to listen, and instead you have done whatever your sinful hearts have desired.
   You have not kept the agreement we made, so I will make you suffer every curse that goes with it.
    9The LORD said to me:
   Jeremiah, the people of Judah and Jerusalem are plotting against me. 10They have sinned in the same way their ancestors did, by turning from me and worshiping other gods. The northern kingdom of Israel broke the agreement I made with your ancestors, and now the southern kingdom of Judah [c] has done the same. 11Here is what I've decided to do. I will bring suffering on the people of Judah and Jerusalem, and no one will escape. They will beg me to help, but I won't listen to their prayers. 12-13Then they will offer sacrifices to their other gods and ask them for help. After all, the people of Judah have more gods than towns, and more altars for Baal than there are streets in Jerusalem. But those gods won't be able to rescue the people of Judah from disaster.
    14Jeremiah, don't pray for these people or beg me to rescue them. If you do, I won't listen, and I certainly won't listen if they pray!
    15Then the LORD told me to say to the people of Judah:
   You are my chosen people,
   but you have no right
   to be here in my temple,
   doing such terrible things.
   The sacrifices you offer me
   won't protect you from disaster,
   so stop celebrating. [d] 16Once you were like an olive tree
   covered with fruit.
   But soon I will send a noisy mob
   to break off your branches
   and set you on fire.
    17I am the LORD All-Powerful. You people of Judah were like a tree that I had planted, but you have made me angry by offering sacrifices to Baal, just as the northern kingdom did. And now I'm going to pull you up by the roots.
The Plot To Kill Jeremiah
 18Some people plotted to kill me.    And like a lamb
   being led to the butcher,
   I knew nothing
   about their plans.
    19But then the LORD told me
   that they had planned
   to chop me down like a tree--
   fruit and all--
   so that no one would ever
   remember me again.
    20I prayed, "LORD All-Powerful,
   you always do what is right,
   and you know every thought.
   So I trust you to help me
   and to take revenge."
    21Then the LORD said:
   Jeremiah, some men from Anathoth [e] say they will kill you, if you keep on speaking for me. 22But I will punish them. Their young men will die in battle, and their children will starve to death. 23And when I am finished, no one from their families will be left alive.
  1. Jeremiah 10:18 like a rock from a sling: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.
  2. Jeremiah 10:22 jackals: See the note at 9.11.
  3. Jeremiah 11:10 Israel. . . Judah: See the note at 2.4.
  4. Jeremiah 11:15 celebrating: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text of verse 15.
  5. Jeremiah 11:21 Anathoth: Jeremiah's hometown (see 1.1).

Colossians 3:18-4:18 (Contemporary English Version)

Some Rules for Christian Living
 18A wife must put her husband first. This is her duty as a follower of the Lord.    19A husband must love his wife and not abuse her.
   20Children must always obey their parents. This pleases the Lord.
   21Parents, don't be hard on your children. If you are, they might give up.
   22Slaves, you must always obey your earthly masters. Try to please them at all times, and not just when you think they are watching. Honor the Lord and serve your masters with your whole heart.
   23Do your work willingly, as though you were serving the Lord himself, and not just your earthly master.
   24In fact, the Lord Christ is the one you are really serving, and you know that he will reward you.
   25But Christ has no favorites! He will punish evil people, just as they deserve.

Colossians 4

 1Slave owners, be fair and honest with your slaves. Don't forget that you have a Master in heaven.    2Never give up praying. And when you pray, keep alert and be thankful.
   3Be sure to pray that God will make a way for us to spread his message and explain the mystery about Christ, even though I am in jail for doing this.
   4Please pray that I will make the message as clear as possible.
   5When you are with unbelievers, always make good use of the time.
   6Be pleasant and hold their interest when you speak the message. Choose your words carefully and be ready to give answers to anyone who asks questions.
Final Greetings
 7Tychicus is the dear friend, who faithfully works and serves the Lord with us, and he will give you the news about me.    8I am sending him to cheer you up by telling you how we are getting along.
   9Onesimus, that dear and faithful follower from your own group, is coming with him. The two of them will tell you everything that has happened here.
   10Aristarchus is in jail with me. He sends greetings to you, and so does Mark, the cousin of Barnabas. You have already been told to welcome Mark, if he visits you.
   11Jesus, who is known as Justus, sends his greetings. These three men are the only Jewish followers who have worked with me for the kingdom of God. They have given me much comfort.
   12Your own Epaphras, who serves Christ Jesus, sends his greetings. He always prays hard that you may fully know what the Lord wants you to do and that you may do it completely.
   13I have seen how much trouble he has gone through for you and for the followers in Laodicea and Hierapolis.
   14Our dear doctor Luke sends you his greetings, and so does Demas.
   15Give my greetings to the followers at Laodicea, especially to Nympha and the church that meets in her home.
   16After this letter has been read to your people, be sure to have it read in the church at Laodicea. And you should read the letter that I have sent to them. [a]
   17Remind Archippus to do the work that the Lord has given him to do.
   18I am signing this letter myself: PAUL.
   Don't forget that I am in jail.
   I pray that God will be kind to you.
  1. Colossians 4:16 the letter that I have sent to them: This is the only mention of the letter to the church at Laodicea.

Psalm 78:56-72 (Contemporary English Version)

56But the people tested
   God Most High,
   and they refused
   to obey his laws.
    57They were as unfaithful
   as their ancestors,
   and they were as crooked
   as a twisted arrow.
    58God demanded all their love,
   but they made him angry
   by worshiping idols.
    59So God became furious
   and completely rejected
   the people of Israel.
    60Then he deserted his home
   at Shiloh,
   where he lived
   here on earth.
    61He let enemies capture
   the sacred chest [a] and let them dishonor him.
    62God took out his anger
   on his chosen ones
   and let them be killed
   by enemy swords.
    63Fire destroyed the young men,
   and the young women were left
   with no one to marry.
    64Priests died violent deaths,
   but their widows
   were not allowed to mourn.
    65Finally the Lord woke up,
   and he shouted
   like a drunken soldier.
    66God scattered his enemies
   and made them ashamed
    67Then the Lord decided
   not to make his home
   with Joseph's descendants
   in Ephraim. [b] 68Instead he chose the tribe
   of Judah,
   and he chose Mount Zion,
   the place he loves.
    69There he built his temple
   as lofty as the mountains
   and as solid as the earth
   that he had made
   to last forever.
    70The Lord God chose David
   to be his servant
   and took him
   from tending sheep
    71and from caring for lambs.
   Then God made him the leader
   of Israel, his own nation.
    72David treated the people fairly
   and guided them with wisdom.
  1. Psalm 78:61 sacred chest: The Hebrew text has " his power," which refers to the sacred chest. In Psalm 132.8 it is called " powerful."
  2. Psalm 78:67 with. . . Ephraim: Ephraim was Joseph's youngest son. One of the twelve tribes was named after him, and sometimes the northern kingdom of Israel was also known as Ephraim. The town of Shiloh was in the territory of Ephraim, but the place where God was worshiped was moved from there to Zion (Jerusalem) in the territory of Judah.

Proverbs 24:28-29 (Contemporary English Version)

28Don't accuse anyone
   who isn't guilty.
   Don't ever tell a lie
    29or say to someone,
   "I'll get even with you!"

Verse of the Day

“I alone am the LORD; only I can rescue you. I promised to save you, and I kept my promise. You are my witnesses that no other god did this. I, the LORD, have spoken.” - Isaiah 43:11-12
Today's passage is from the Contemporary English Version.

Thought for the Day

American industrialist, J. Paul Getty wrote, “The meek shall inherit the Earth, but not its mineral rights.”

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